Monday, June 2, 2014

Does It Take Long to Finish a Divorce?

One has to realize that the length of a divorce will depend on various factors. It may end pretty fast but it may take as well several months to complete, all these being in accordance to the couple particularities. This article will discuss about these factors and you will be in the end the one to decide which category of situation refers to your situation as well:

* The length of your marriage is the first factor to mention here. For couples that have been married for a short period of time when not many assets have been purchased together and no kids have resulted from the marriage , the divorce can end up pretty fast.

* Kids play as an important factor in the length of a divorce. With kid(s) situation may get complicated. Maybe you cannot agree on the custody, or you think that your ex-spouse shouldn't share custody at all due to his or her neglectful attitude. At this point, it is the court responsibility to determine who should have custody and the entire process can take some time before divorce is pronounced. Or it may be that divorce has reached to an end, but there are still arguments related to kids' custody or any other things like this.

* Disputes on property is another factor to make a divorce last longer. It is again up to the court to find a way and divide the property according to the state laws while deciding which the fairest way is to have the property divided. At this point, the existence of debts is also weighed and court needs to establish who is going to pay them in the future or how they need to be divided between the ex-spouses.

* The state laws related to divorce differ from one state to another so these ones will have to be considered as another factor in deciding how long the divorce can last. On the other hand, you are given a 'cooling off' period that may vary from one state to another.

* The court's calendar plays another role in the length of a divorce. For instance, living in a large city, it may take some time before your divorce is final although the case may be simpler, even if the 'cooling off' period reaches an end.

There are as well other factors that can be considered when you are looking for answers related to the divorce length, but most of the time, the ones displayed above are met with many cases, but again, it is only your particular situation that can dictate this feature.

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